Hamlingtons Launches Gold Bars!

Gold Bar buying Procedure.
Due to the recent trying times during the covid -19 outbreak we have seen many changes of course to the way of life but also financially both personally and to the government.
Due to the financial support to large and small businesses by way of grants and furloughs this will undoubtable lead to hyperinflation in many expert’s eyes which mean that your money in the bank will be worth less due to the amount of paper money being printed to cover these expenses.
As soon as the outbreak happened we have seen a huge increase in the demand of people trying to buy precious metals in gold and silver bullion and seen huge price rises.
It seems the vast majority of clients have been losing confidence in paper money and savings in the bank and want something more tangible and able to turn back into money at a moment’s notice if need be. And
What form can I buy it?
We offer investment bars in 24 carat gold weights of 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilo. In silver we offer 100 grams and 1 kilo pure bars.
How does the pricing work?
Unlike a lot of bullion dealers we work with our customers to offer live spot fixing. This means that we can give you a price on any of our bars based on the market price at that second and our guarantee that we will match or beat the prices of the leading on line bullion dealer.
Payment methods
We can accept deposits up to £5000 by debit card or cash while the balance must be made by bank transfer. We must ask for ID of course sue to money laundering regulations
We do not keep the stocks on site due to insurance reasons. As long as payment has been received that day by midday then we will have your investment bar ready the next day for collection in store or we can have the bars delivered fully insured straight to your door by fully insured delivery up to the value of £50,000.00.
Benefits of investing in pure gold investment bars
Unlike silver there is no VAT to pay on pure gold for investment purposes, there is also no capital gains tax to pay. Should you clear £10,000 of your investment you can sell your gold have a transfer straight back into your bank with no tax bill what so ever.
Benefits of investing in silver investment bars
Even though there VAT to pay on silver investment bars most experts believe that silver is very undervalued at the moment and are expecting huge rises.
How do I sell?
Call our office or pop in store for a live guaranteed price and the money will be in your bank day guaranteed.