How to choose a Diamond? Check out this colour guide to make sure you select the right diamond for you.


White diamond colour grading is scored on a scale of D through to Z. Diamonds with a colour grading of D are deemed more valuable than a diamond with a score of Z.

A diamond of D grade has no tints of yellow colour in it. This means it’s seen as the purest colour a diamond can be.

As for a diamond with the colour grade of Z you will noticeably see the difference as the diamond will be heavily tinted yellow.

Many professional jewelers will not sell a white diamond below the colour grade of I. Once you see a white diamond at a grade of H through to Z, you can start to see a noticeable difference in the final diamond colour.

So if you have a prized diamond ring in mind, be careful to check for its colour grade. Expect to pay less for a diamond that is graded below the grading of D.


The GIA grades most white diamonds and they provide a certificate to show the grade awarded to the diamond you might be thinking about buying. The diamonds are accurately measured using equipment contained in a special environment. This allows for the detection of slight changes in each diamond. The diamond industry uses the GIA diamond colour scale for most of diamonds bought today.


Have a look below at this handy chart to show how each diamond is scored. You will see a slight colour change in each diamond. However, even when we applied a slight change to the images, the changes are almost not noticeable. The same is for real diamonds. It’s hard to detect a miner colour fluctuation with the naked eye.

D Exceptional White +

A diamond with a grade of D is the very rarest of the diamond colour ranges. The diamond will be completely colourless. This makes it the most valuable coloured diamond.

Grade: Colourless           

E Exceptional White

A diamond with a grade E is also very rare. The difference between D and E is hard to detect when compared. This diamond is graded colourless. This also makes it very valuable.

Grade: Colourless           

F Rare White +

The third highest coloured graded diamond achievable. It’s graded F as the diamond is colourless when viewed through the crown.

Grade: Colourless when viewed through the crown      

G Rare White

A fine alternative to the top three colour grades. This colour still makes for an outstanding diamond. Its grade of G is colourless when viewed through the crown.

Grade: Colourless when viewed through the crown      

Grade G – J are nearly colourless, with distinctions so subtle most are indistinguishable to the untrained eye. Diamonds in the near colourless scale won’t exhibit a noticeable tint in most cases.

The colour grade system goes all the way to Z, however we recommend a colour grade J and above.