September news flash!

We are stepping back and reviewing what a fantastic month September has been & here are some of the highlights.

Throw BackGrand re-opening- 22nd June 2019 Throwback
Sapphire: Birthstone of September

September is a month that gave us, The Queen Mother, Roald Dahl & one of Earth wind and fires all time classics, but for all it commemorates the Sapphire Birthstone.

This month have covered all things sapphire & what makes it one of the most durable naturally occurring elements in the world. 

Be sure to check out our full sapphire range for a gift truly worth treasuring for life.

For the month of September our workshop has carried out 157 repair services, not only this but our bespoke craftsmen have custom made 33 rings perfectly for our customers special occasions. Your ideal jewellery piece is just one visit away, click the button below to find out more.

Investment Diamonds

We have had a great week buying some very rare Diamonds at fantastic prices for either investment or mounting into your dream jewellery. Be sure to come in and find out more about one of the safest commodities worth investing in or passing down from generation to generation 

Are you trying to sell your watch?

Due to increasing demand of our watch sales, throughout the month we'd love to see your time pieces and help give them a new lease of life. Do you have a watch which would fit in with our high-end collection?

Swap Shop

Do you have any old jewellery you do not wear? An old engagement ring that will never see the light of day again? Have you inherited jewellery that just isn’t your style, but you still want to retain a memory, and don’t feel comfortable just trading it for cash?

At Hamlington’s, our Swap Shop means you can swap your unwanted jewellery for something you have always wanted. We always do our best to give you a great deal, and we offer hundreds of swaps at 50% off independent retail valuations. It’s a fantastic way to own something new and beautiful without spending a penny!

Dates for the Diary

Halloween is looming and so are some of our frightfully good deals. Follow our Social media pages to hear first throughout the month of October

Unfortunately we are closed on the below dates due to the arrival of the mop and runaway mop fair:

19-20th October & 25-26th October
Warwick Victorian Evening 

A chance to win something memorable as we remember times-gone-by in the historic town of Warwick
Christmas Party

Countdown to our Christmas party! 1st December- save the date! Details will be unveiled soon