Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are as unique, commanding and dazzling as their natural counterparts. Lab diamonds offer excellent value for money and are an ethical choice as they do not require any diamond mining. Take a look at our collection of loose and set stunning lab grown diamonds in store today.

What Is A Lab Grown Diamond?

In our educated opinion lab grown diamonds are just as beautiful and unique as naturally grown diamonds. This is because they share the same characteristics such as the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Without a specialist laser gun there is no way to tell apart the lab grown and naturally mined diamonds so the biggest difference comes down to the price tag with lab grown diamonds being around 50-25% cheaper in the industry than natually grown diamonds.

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Just as Beautiful

Lab grown diamonds possess exactly the same physical, atomical and visual elements as mined diamonds.


As no mining is required, lab grown diamonds are a more environmentally-conscious choice.

Value for Money

Lab grown diamonds are more affordable than mined stones, offering more accessible price points.

Our Lab Grown Diamonds, The Hamlington's Way

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Lab Grown Diamonds

We have several loose diamonds and mounts you can choose from in our Warwick store. One you have selected your chosen diamond our expert craftsmen will set it by hand in our on site workshop.

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How are Lab Grown Diamonds Certified and Graded?

All lab-grown diamonds are treated the same as mined diamonds. Once they are ready, they are sent to an independent gem lab to be certified by an expert. All of our stones are certified.

The process for grading lab-grown diamonds is the same as traditional diamonds and focuses on the cut, clarity, carat, and color of each gemstone. The cut is responsible for the brilliance of the diamond, and arguably the most important factor. Clarity refers to the appearance and lack of cracks and defects. When referencing clear diamonds, the lack of color makes a higher grade. Finally, carat is the measure of the diamond's size and weight. Each diamond is examined carefully and assigned a quality rating.

Lab-Grown Diamond FAQs

Different sources use different names to refer to lab-grown diamonds. For example, you might see lab-created diamonds, cultured diamonds, engineered diamonds, synthetic diamonds and even man-made diamonds. The term ‘simulated’ diamonds, does not refer to lab-grown diamonds. Simulated diamonds may look similar at a glance, but do not share the same physical, chemical, or optical characteristics. They are not as hard, and do not have the same sparkle.

Lab-grown diamonds will not appreciate in value like some natural diamonds. The cost of new stones is based on the manufacturing and settings costs, plus a brands individual added margin. The resale value is based on the cost of buying a new stone, rather than any inherent value or rarity as with natural stones.

This depends on the price you pay for a lab-grown diamond originally. As a relatively new manufacturing process, it’s reasonable to expect the cost of production to fall, and lab-grown diamonds purchased at too high of a price will lose value as similar stones will become available for a lower cost. Through our world-leading technology, we’ve already achieved a sustainable pricing model that means our stones are priced transparently at Tk‌73,200 a carat.

Lab-grown diamonds are now widely available online through both lab-grown diamond jewellery brands and through more traditional diamond sellers too. Hamlingtons has a wide range of Lab diamonds in store for you to see.

Natural diamond prices go up exponentially when a larger weight is combined with high quality cut, color and clarity, as this increases a stones rarity. There is no rarity in lab-grown diamonds as more can always be manufactured to meet demand, meaning we can price our stones in a more affordable way.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical properties as natural stones, so will be categorized as ‘diamond’ when using a diamond tester pen. This relies on the accuracy of the equipment used, and it being used correctly. Lower price mass-market testers from Amazon can often produce false negatives, so it’s best to consult with a specialist. Specialist equipment that goes beyond a diamond testing pen can always correctly identify the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural stone.

Only a specialist with the right equipment can tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural stone. All certified stones above 0.2 of a carat also have a laser inscription within them (invisible to the naked eye) as a marker of their authenticity and quality.

Lab-grown diamonds make the incredible sparkle of a diamond available to more people, more often. They’re perfect to wear every day or to buy as a birthday or anniversary gift, and because they are manufactured to a consistent high quality you can be confident about buying them online.

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