Pam Leppard

A family treasure

Pam’s pendant represents her children, so naturally it’s something that she treasures. She came in to Hamlington’s trying to find a way she could pass the necklace down to them. We suggested that instead of splitting up the pendant, we create a new version that she can pass on to her daughter-in-law, and keep the original.

The new necklace has a London blue oval sapphire that perfectly matches the original, which is set in yellow gold. The whole process was done in our Warwick workshop in less than a week.

Pam says

I had a necklace made when my two children were tiny, representing them both, and have worn it ever since, so I feel they are always close to me. I always promised to split the necklace up when they got married. However, I couldn't bear to do that.

That’s where David came in, and made a replica of part of it for me. Now my daughter-in-law will be able to wear her ‘little turtle’ depicting my son, and I am still wearing mine! Perfect solution!

Making old jewellery new

It’s amazing how you can transform jewellery into something new, whilst keeping the spirit and integrity of the original piece.

For Pam, we created a matching piece from her pendant, but we help lots of customers turn old rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches into something new, so that they can carry the meaning and sentimental value within a piece of jewellery that perfectly suits their style.

Case Studies

Here’s a selection of stories from some of our customers. Whether you’re looking for a quick repair, a perfect gift, a unique design or to transform something you already own, Hamlington’s have everything you need.

Samantha Hobday


A simple repair might feel like a small job, but when it’s something as meaningful as your jewellery, you deserve to know that your jewellers care as much about the work as you do.

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Liz Taylor


This all started with a stone, the 3.40ct trillion cut diamond. Liz had seen it in Instagram, and her partner, Russell wanted us to use it to create her perfect engagement ring.

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