Pendants & Chains

Necklaces and pendants come in such a wide variety of styles, metals and colours - there’s something for absolutely everyone’s taste! At Hamlington’s we can find you your perfect pendant and chain.

From subtle style to big impact

Pop into the shop to see if anything currently on display catches your eye, and feel free to have a chat with us about what you’re looking for, we’re here to help!

All our designs are available in a range of metals, stones and colours, so if you find something you like, but want to change a diamond to a sapphire, or prefer white gold to yellow, we can make it happen.

The full set

If you’re looking for a matching set, or want a pendant to match something you already own, we’ll work with you to find the perfect match.

Many of our necklaces and pendants have matching earring and bracelet designs, and if there isn’t something to match in store, our workshop is always open for new creations!

Pam Leppard


Pam’s pendant represents her children, so naturally it’s something that she treasures. She came in to Hamlington’s trying to find a way she could pass the necklace down to them. We suggested that instead of splitting up the pendant, we create a new version that she can pass on to her daughter-in-law, and keep the original.