💙Blue Sapphire💙

September is here, and with it comes the enchanting birthstone -
Blue Sapphire!
Uncover the mysteries behind blue sapphire jewellery with these three hidden gems of knowledge:
💙 Geological Marvel: Blue sapphires are born in the Earth's fiery embrace, created under intense pressure. Some sapphires even journey from space as meteorite companions!
💙 Regal Legacy: Adored by royalty, blue sapphires symbolise wisdom and purity. The iconic sapphire engagement ring worn by royals tells a tale of elegance and prestige.
💙 Beyond Beauty: Beyond their beauty, blue sapphires are said to bring mental clarity and inner peace. A touch of positivity and protection in a stunning package.
Discover the unseen stories within each blue sapphire piece and view our dazzling ranges of blue sapphire jewellery at both our Warwick and Leamington stores. 🥰