We offer an array of services here at Hamlington's ranging from making bespoke peices of jewellery, CAD work, on site workshop repairs and refurbishments, valuations for insurance purposes, cash for gold and much more. Call us or visit us in store

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Expert craftsmen

Our workshop is full of state of the art equipment and experienced, professional craftsmen. Our experts offer a huge range of repair, refurbishment and alteration services, as well as designing and creating bespoke jewellery on site.

Valuations, trades and repairs

As a family business going back generations, Hamlington’s know the value of great jewellery, and can give you advice and expertise for valuations, repairs, refurbishments, or the best price if you are looking to sell.



Whatever the style or condition of your jewellery, Hamlington’s can help you sell it for the best price. We can offer you a price directly in store, or you can choose to sell through our shop window, with us offering a commission on the price. We also have our Swap Shop, where you can trade for something else in store.



Older pieces of jewellery and items you wear regularly often require a bit of love and attention to keep them looking their best. At Hamlington’s we can refurbish your jewellery, replacing stones, fixing claws, clasps and chains or rhodium plating to stop your white gold looking yellow. Simply come in store to find out what we can do for you.



One of the most common and important services we provide, and most often it’s for engagement rings that need fitting to their happy new owner! But whatever reason you need you ring, watch or bracelet resized, Hamlington’s can get it sorted from our workshop.



As expert jewellers with a long history in the trade, we help our clients with valuations for their pieces, and can also offer advice and referrals for antiques, paintings, china and other items you might find hiding in your attic or at the back of your garage.



It’s amazing the difference in your jewellery after a simple clean - you’ll feel like it’s brand new again! We always advise you take your jewellery to an expert for cleaning, and don’t try to use any household cleaners, brushes or cloths that might cause damage. We can often get your jewellery sparkling again in the time it takes for a nice coffee - you might even be able to watch our craftsmen at work!



As jewellers we often come across antique items and valuables, and are experienced in valuations and trading for much more than jewellery. If we can’t help you with your antique, we’re bound to know an expert who can help, so feel free to bring in your coins, china, crystal and antiques.

Our Bespoke Service

A big part of what makes us special is our ability to work with you to bring your ideas to life, working from our on site workshop in the heart of Warwick we have all the tools, knowledge and experience we need to make your dream a reality.

Swap shop

Do you have any old jewellery you do not wear? An old engagement ring that will never see the light of day again? Have you inherited jewellery that just isn’t your style, but you still want to retain a memory, and don’t feel comfortable just trading it for cash?

At Hamlington’s, our Swap Shop means you can swap your unwanted jewellery for something you have always wanted. We always do our best to give you a great deal, and we offer hundreds of swaps at 50% off independent retail valuations. It’s a fantastic way to own something new and beautiful without spending a penny!