A big part of what makes Hamlington’s special is our ability to bring your ideas to life. From our on site workshop in the heart of Warwick, we have all the tools, knowledge and experience we need to make your dream a reality.

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Unique and affordable

Creating your own design doesn’t need to be daunting. We’ll be on hand at every stage of the process to help you create something that’s perfect, whether it’s a piece for you or for someone you love.

Because we’re working to your specifications, it’s pretty easy to keep within your budget, and come up with creative ways to get the most for your money. From stone selection to metals and mounts, we’ll help you find the design that speaks to you.

Starting your journey

We always start with a simple question - what do you like? Whether you’re answering for yourself or a loved one, you can always take inspiration from our huge archive of designs, to pick out the pieces that catch your eye.

The design process

Once we’ve got a better idea of what you’re looking for, the design process truly begins.

We’ll talk about the pieces you like and even more importantly, why you like them! Then we’ll start putting together a plan for the sort of jewellery you’re after. We’ll make some sketches for you to look at, along with notes for stone and metal options.

Then, once you’ve decided what direction you’d like to go, we’ll create CAD drawings of exactly what your unique piece of jewellery will look like. This process means you know exactly what you’re getting before we start creating the jewellery itself.


We are able to source and select precious stones of the highest quality from all over the world, and we specialise in diamonds.

This means that we can find and select the perfect stones for your bespoke jewellery, whether that’s a solitaire diamond for an engagement ring, rubies for earrings, or sapphires for a necklace.

We’ll get you the very best quality for your budget, and make sure every stone perfectly fits your design.

Dedicated to our craft

Jewellery has been part of the Hamlington’s family for over 75 years, and with every visit to our shop, our customers can see the care and craft that we’ve put into our business.

The workshop is the heart of Hamlington’s, as it’s here we can make every piece of jewellery that comes through our doors absolutely perfect. From cleaning and polishing, refurbishing and repairs, to reworking or designing something from scratch. We also make all those finishing touches that really make a difference, such as resizing and engraving.

Case Studies

Here’s a selection of stories from some of our customers. Whether you’re looking for a quick repair, a perfect gift, a unique design or to transform something you already own, Hamlington’s have everything you need.

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