August 2020 Newsletter

This August is due to be a hectic one in the jewellery industry with record breaking Gold and Silver prices and the slowly rising price of diamonds is shaping August to be a very profitable month for investors.
-August, Peridot Birthstone
-Rapidly rising Gold and Silver prices
-In-store specials
-Summer trends of 2020
Enjoy the month of Peridot with Hamlington's as we are now offering 10% on all Peridot items for a limited time only!

Peridot, Birthstone of August


Mined from Arizona, USA, Peridot is unique due to how it is only available in one colour. Recognisable by its vibrant green hues, this summer stone achieves a rich, eye catching look.

Here at Hamlington's we have a wide range of jewellery available with the stunning stone of August, Peridot.


For a limited time only, enjoy 10% off all Peridot items.


Investment bars - Gold and Silver

Gold prices are set to rise to record highs this year as investors flock to the 'safer' assets amid the coronavirus pandemic, analysts have said.
Edward Morse, Citi's global head of commodity research, said he believes that gold prices in the next six to nine months are likely to hit unprecedented levels. Morse believes there is a 30% chance that in just three months the $2,000 gold price mark could be reached.

Gold prices soared to record highs after breaking through the $2,000 an ounce mark for the first time ever. Investors seeking a haven from stock market turmoil caused by the pandemic have piled into the precious metal.

It has now increased by 35% since the start of 2020 and rose 1.3% to $2,044 per ounce last night. 

The all-time high for this is $1,920. With savings rates at rock bottom, more mass job losses are predicted, this is having a colossal effect of the economy, it's no wonder why there is a rising number of investors that are searching for gold to get them through the economic trouble caused by the pandemic.

In-Store Specials

Vintage Special

15ct Yellow Gold Bangle set with nine oval cut natural sapphires and sixteen old European cut natural diamonds.The overall weight is 15.93ct and overall diamond weight is 0.66ct .

RRP - £7000     Our Price - £4,500

Citrine Ring

The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted wearing her beautiful citrine ring. Channel your inner Duchess like Kate Middleton with this incredible Citrine and diamond ring. The 12.50ct Citrine is centred in 0.44ct of Diamonds and finished in an 18ct Yellow Gold Ring.

Our price - £2,500

Summer Trends of 2020

The Pantone Colour Institute put together a Fashion Colour Trend Report specifically for summer 2020, highlighting the top 12 colours that we can expect to see along with 4 complementary neutral tones. In other words, these are the shades that were expected to feature heavily on the runways as designers showcased their summer collections.
These colours above are directly proportional to some of the coloured stones. For example, Flame Scarlet would relate to Ruby, Saffron would relate to Citrine and Classic Blue would relate to sapphire etc... This is important because using this colour chart for the trends of summer 2020 we can predict what jewellery will be popular and used to correlate to colourful fashion garments.
Jewellery and Fashion work alongside one another and a trend in one industry mainly leads to the other industry following on that trend.
Also, this year, coloured engagement rings are becoming continuously more and more popular rather than the classic diamond. Whether this is down to the stunning looks the coloured stones show off, such as an emerald or sapphire, or the sentimental value of having your monthly birthstone, here at Hamlingtons we will find the perfect stone for you.
Here we can see the colours that will be mainly seen this summer of 2020. Jewellery in these tones/colours will be very popular this year so be sure to pop in and ask what we have in these colours.