Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery by Kara Flynn of Mr and Mrs Clarke

Warwick shop on Market Square, Hamlington’s help you find, design and discover beautiful jewellery for any occasion.

This fabulous shop, in the heart of Warwick is a sparkling example of why we love this town.

kara flynn 

Jewellers scare me. They look serious, expensive and intimidating. I see them a bit like I see mechanics – you go in not knowing anything and accepting the fact that you might as well give them your wallet and the pin number for your credit card.

These perceptions were shattered when I was invited into Hamlingtons in Warwick. Behind the grand exterior lies a relaxed shop with a cool vibe and a team of charming, knowledgeable and interesting craftspeople. It felt a bit like going to the hairdressers… bear with me.

You are welcomed in, offered a drink, and it felt like a catch up with old friends more than anything. The arrangement of the shop encouraged you to take a seat and chat about life, design, local goings on and plans for the future. Walking out with a little bag with a diamond was just a by-product of a nice couple of hours!

The interior of the shop is super cool. It’s been recently designed to have different spaces for different uses – the workshop downstairs can be viewed by computer screen, there is a relaxed area to chat to the chap who will polish your wedding ring, and several spaces to browse and natter. The design was cleverly thought out and has been up for several prestigious awards.

But, like so many things in life, it is the people who make this a great place. Three guys who are happy to help, generous with their time, gracious with their comments and just blinking nice.

Have a look at what Mr & Mrs Clarke have to offer on www.mrandmrsclarke.com