How to choose your perfect loose Diamond

Choose your ideal shape and consider what is most important to you.

Cut quality has the biggest impact on the diamonds beauty in Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds - the most popular shape for rings and earrings. Different shapes are desired for individually. 

Different shapes reflect colours at different strengths. However cut is not a uniform definition - a diamond seller may assign any cut grade that they choose. Most would prefer an eye clean diamond which you can often find at Vs - Si grade. Other characteristics such as fluorescence, polish and symmetry will effect the value although much less that the 4 C's.

You can find either certified or non-certified diamonds in your searches. GIA, IGI and HRD certification are the most popular in the UK. You can also get an independent valuation for a stone and local certifications.

Diamonds that fall just short of popular weights, such as 0.90ct rather than 1.00ct, will often be much better value.

Hamlington's have access to thousands of diamonds from diamond dealers all around the world and can create your bespoke piece from your perfect loose diamond.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder so we encourage our customers to tell us what they like and what suits their personality rather than the science that the internet teaches, or whatever a salesperson tries to sell.

We will always offer exchanges if the decision is wrong and upgrades in the future, as per our terms and conditions.